Print Information

This web site is meant to give an example of the work I have created. It is not exhaustive and I have more images in each portfolio. Should you wish to see additional images please contact me.

Digital Prints


Beginning in 2011, all digital images are personally printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper using an Epson 4880 printer with archival pigment inks.  (Prior digital images were dye-based inkjet prints on Ilford Galerie Classic Pearl Paper using a Canon i9900 series printer). 


Sizes vary by print and are dictated by image character-(istics).  Some images are intimate and thus printed small on 8.5 x 11 inch paper while others demand a larger size and these are printed on 13 x 19 inch paper. 


All images are signed and matted on acid-free board.  Prices range from $150 to $400 depending on image and size. Please contact me for print size and price for specific images.


Note: Photovella originals are one-of-a-kind and are not for sale though stand-alone images are available as are images with a facsimile postcard back. 



Traditional (Legacy) Prints

Note: all legacy prints are limited in quantity as I no longer employ traditional photographic processes. 




Diana images are printed on double-weight/fiber-based silver emulsion paper and are approximately 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches.  Some prints are selenium toned.  Each print is matted and signed on 11 inch x 14 inch acid-free board and priced at $750. 


Lubitel Images


Lubitel images are toned prints using Berg (blue) toner on fiber-based silver emulsion paper. Some prints have achieved a split tone, in effect making each print unique. Each image is inches 7 inches x 7 inches printed on 11 inch by 14 inch paper.  These prints are not matted and are meant to be framed as such.  Prints are signed on verso.  Price for each blue print image as described is $500.




From a series done in the mid-1980's, these "edition of one" portraits of children placed in an emergency shelter are dye coupler prints on 16 inch by 20 inch paper (image size is 15.5 inches x 15.5 inches).  These are signed and matted on 20 inch by 24 inch acid-free board.  Price for color images as described is $1,000 per print.


Over the Rhine


Taken in 1983 in Cincinnati's Over the Rhine neighborhood, these black and white images are printed on 11 inch by 14 inch double-weight, fiber-based, paper (image size is 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches).  Images are matted on 16 inch by 20 inch acid-free board. Price for individual prints from this series is $500. 


Other Images including Body Language


All other traditional black and white images are printed on fiber-based silver emulsion paper.  Images vary by size and price.  Please contact me for print size and price for specific images.