As a college student, I wandered aimlessly (some positivists call this exploring) until I took a photography class.  I was exhilarated by the freedom of a camera in my hand and mesmerized by the alchemical qualities of the medium.  Hours in the darkroom flew by like minutes.  The act of taking pictures became a vehicle for discovery, and the resulting images became a way to share that process.
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy once stated, “the illiterate of the future will be ignorant of camera and pen alike.”  New to photography, I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant but I do remember the feeling of empowerment photography gave to me.  Years later I think I finally understand.  Photography educates in a new language, a visual language, which is vital in today’s global village.  No translator needed.  The image is there for all to see on individual terms.  Dialogue commences. The exhilaration never ends.
Since receiving my B.F.A. in photography in 1985 from Northern Kentucky University (studying with Barry Andersen and Doug Prince) I have struggled with the notion of photography as an avocation rather than vocation.  While my life’s work has been in higher education administration, photography has remained central to my being.  For a long time I felt that I had not properly earned the right to show my work alongside giants in the field or struggling photographers who spend all their discretionary money on submission fees.  I no longer subscribe to such thinking - hence this simple website. 
Should you be further interested in any of my work I would enjoy hearing from you.

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