Vignettes continued

...courtesy of a present from my muse. I much more enjoyed Nancy’s Diana’s. Iowa touched me in a way Nancy in the flesh couldn’t. Still, I am partial to my Diana’s - why wouldn’t I be? Those are my flesh and bones.

I auditioned for Jerry Uelsmann. Said he liked my work. Or something like that. He didn’t think though the University of Florida was for me. Maybe he had something against (blue) toned images. That’s ok. I didn’t like Gainesville.

Hit the road with my muse to see the Richard Avedon "In the American West" show at the Chicago Art Institute. The book she got for me was big. The exhibit prints were bigger. The trip - that was biggest.

Danny Lyon was the second coming. Somehow I ended up right across from him at a German restaurant one night after he lectured about a film of his. He signed a book for me. That was cool anyway.

Tried getting arrested at a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit. For the cause. The rumor about the raid was false but the effort was made. Turns out Robert didn’t have to try that hard after all.

Have you seen Nick Brandt's pictures of East African wildlife? If not, quit reading this right now and go look at these images. I wanted to buy a print of his as an anniversary gift but the funds ran short. Still, he replied to my inquiry. How many people do that these days?

Sent a handmade postcard announcement of a showing I had to Duane Michals and Ralph Gibson. Got their addresses off the Internet. I like Duane’s stories and Ralphs’s pictures and thought they might find my card interesting, or amusing, or …. Something. I got nothing. Still, it was enough for me to know that I sent them.

I took an abused poster with William Coupon’s signature. Portraits of Yankees, David Byrne, and others. I believe I was rescuing it. There’s only so many fixer stains a poster can take. Now it sits folded up in a box in my garage. Really, what do you do with stuff like this and old Diana cameras?

Oh, there’s more. Doug Prince (the best photoartist you’ve probably never heard of – he once asked my thoughts on a print of his; can you imagine?), Joe Jachna (I have a photograph of his I’ve always meant to frame but guess I must really not like it that much or I would have done so), Emmet Gowin (how is it possible to be that sensitive to image making and that intellectual at the same time I wondered as he held court with a bunch of us then-students), and Barry Andersen (who once accused me of being a prolific little shit)…but they’re just stories and memories. My stories and memories.